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The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is committed to enhancing art and cultural initiatives which inform and educate issues surrounding botany, biodiversity and urban sustainability whilst also showcasing national and international land and environmental art and culture.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, with many museums and cultural centers shutdown, many people found respite by taking walks in open spaces; however this was not accessible to all. When the restrictions eased people gradually returned to the outdoors to observe and to breathe. For some, this was the first time such an intense yearning for the outdoors was felt. This trend strengthened our understanding that the Jerusalem Botanical Garden must also operate as an open and safe space for culture and art. Working alongside dozens of important arts and culture based organizations in Jerusalem the garden has begun to examine the role of art and nature in improving our mental health.

These actions join a global trend in which botanical gardens around the world combine art, culture and botany.

 Our Roots 2015 | Will Bakers | weaved eucalyptus branches

The Botanical Gardens

The 30-acre Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is the largest in Israel and the only one of its kind in the Middle East. JBG boasts Israel’s broadest collection of live plants (over 6,000 species), as well as varieties of plants from around the world. The flora is displayed throughout 6 phyto-geographical sections – Southern Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, South-East and Central Asia and the Mediterranean.


JBG provides an urban escape in the midst of a dynamic city. Our guided tours, gardening workshops, lectures, and volunteer opportunities for all ages aim to educate Jerusalem's distinctive communities about environmental awareness, sustainability and biodiversity. Many of these communities are referred to as being on the periphery of Israeli society, characterized by neighborhoods with teeming buildings and lacking green spaces.


As a microcosm of Jerusalem’s diverse life and representing Jerusalemites of every denominational, political and demographic stripe, the JBG stands to provide low-income families from different neighborhoods the opportunity to experience art and culture within the Gardens at an affordable rate. We stand by our mission to act as an outdoor research and education center, encouraging all ages and sectors of the city to interact with nature and learn about their surroundings.

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