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During lockdown we invite kids to a virtual space of nature and creation!

15 Sculptural works by leading Israeli artists

Curator: Hadas Maor

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Wildflower Seeds Project


Community building and activism - The Wildflower Seeds Project is collective venture between the Friends of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Hub for Urban Sustainability. Friends of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens have been volunteering at the JBG for more than 30 years. The collection, sorting, cleaning and packing of the seeds are taken care of by a number of groups including: ALUT - Israel's Society for Adults and Children with Autism,  REUT - providing community vocations for those with psychiatric, physical, and intellectual disabilities in Israel and the WOHL Rose Gardening Club which includes English, Hebrew and Arabic volunteers.

The aim of the Wildflower Seeds Project is to introduce rare and endangered wildflowers into Jerusalem's gardens. Many of these plants are water saving; they do not need to be watered beyond the winter rains and can grow heartily in shade, which is a characteristic of many backyard gardens in urban Jerusalem. Secondly, volunteers and unique communities are able to participate in a meaningful social project, while simultaneously engaging in nature conservation.

An endangered and rare plant, for example, the Campanula peregrina L. or bellflower, characterized by a bell shape with many tiny seedlings, had been native to the northern region of the Galilee but was bordering on extinction. Remaining seeds were collected, transported and grown in the JBG. Volunteers helped to plant these seeds, watered them, and collected the plantlets to be sent to Israel's Nature and Parks Authority. In addition to supporting nature reserves, the volunteers also package wildflower seeds to be sold in greenhouses as well as donated to Jerusalem's Kindergarten classes, so that young children can see firsthand the experiential wonder of gardening and the growing process.

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